BITPAL Project Coordinator of the University College of Applied Science meets the Project Coordinator of the European Union at Leipzig University, through a Tour for European Universities

Submitted on Sat, 05/05/2018 - 14:32

At the German Leipzig University, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal, BITPAL Project Coordinator, at the University College of Applied Science - UCAS, meets prof. Klaus Haenssgen, the Project Coordinator of the European Union.

Dr. Abdel Aal stated that the visit included a review of the activities of BITPAL project and the ongoing preparations for the next training course for a group of the staff of the Palestinian universities and the partners in the project, Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies - PITA.

"During the visit, we met Dr. Riyad Al Qaisi, the German coordinator of BITPAL project, who presented the latest projects by Leipzig University and discussed possible cooperation and partnership in the next projects by European Union." Dr. Abdel Aal added.

It is worth noted that UCAS runs the project of Promoting Creativity in IT Curricula, BITPAL, within Erasmus+ Program funded by EU, which consists of nine partners: UCAS, Al-Azhar University, the Islamic University, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza University, PITA, Italian University of Calabria, Slovenian FIS University, and German HWTK University of Applied Sciences.