Training Mission 4 in Slovenia: Knowledge Value Chain concept

Submitted on Sun, 12/24/2017 - 11:18

An intensive one-week specializing training mission in Slovenia will be organized in the topics of Knowledge Value Chain concept. The topics should include:
 Writing effective RFPs/RFAs.
 Understanding private sector and enterprise development,
 Designing and managing value chain activities,
 Creating behavior change through value chain projects,
 Empowering value chain actors to avoid donor dependency,
 Establishing and encouraging vertical linkages and horizontal cooperation, and
 Understanding monitoring and evaluation concepts as applied to value chain projects.
It is planned for approximately five participants from the local universities to allow for best competence building from up-to-date knowledge in the Knowledge Value Chain concept. It will allow for the exposure to Slovenian experience in this sector according to the availability of the required training, administrative and visas formalities.