BITPAL, in cooperation with BTI incubator, has implemented the second training course in entrepreneurship and freelancing

Sat, 07/27/2019 - 11:08

As part of the BITPAL project, which aims to promote creativity and innovation in IT programs in Palestinian universities, the Business and Technology Incubator (BTI) launched the second batch of the Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship course.
The incubator implemented an integrated scientific course with a total of 40 students from partner universities (UCAS, IUG, AUG, AQU and GU). The course enrolled in the incubator will be equivalent to the matched course in the students' academic plan.


The incubator sought to implement the course of Entrepreneurship in an interactive and interactive manner, in accordance with the different requirements and objectives of the target disciplines (information technology, branches, engineering and design) by engaging a group of experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs from the incubator's staff and from outside, and is also assisted by experienced and inspirational success stories.
During the course, the students experienced a modern and interactive course integrating them into applied environment. The incubator is considered as a seed for spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among university students in its practical methodology to implement activities such as duties, mentoring, personal training, and forming teams.