Opening the Competence Center for IT in Islamic University of Gaza

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 10:37

Prof. Naser Farahat, President of Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has opened the IT Competence Center at Islamic University of Gaza. The center aims to provide an integrated training environment that helps to enhance the students’ skills. Prof. Alaa AL-Halees and Dr. Ahmed Abdalaal and representatives of BITPAL partners attended the ceremony.

Prof. Naser Farahat expressed his happiness with this great achievement that will contribute to the development of the academic environment for IT faculty at IUG, and it will contribute to the development of students’ capacity providing them with the expertise and skills necessary for the labor market.
Dr. Ahmed Abdalaal, BITPAL Manager at the University College of Applied Sciences mentioned that the IT competence Center is one of five centers that established at the Palestinian partner universities. The centers is a connection point between the students and the Palestinian IT companies that provide several joint operating activities in collaboration with the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies PITA for this purpose.


For his part, Dr. AL-Halees appreciated the efforts of the project management in implementing all activities and outputs to create an integrated training environment for entrepreneurs and mentioned that it is a step of many future accomplishment of the Palestinian universities.
It is worth to outline that the University College of Applied Sciences manages BITPAL project which is EU-funded under the framework of Erasmus+ Program, it consists of nine partners from Palestinian and three European universities as well as the private sector representative: the University College of Applied Sciences, Al-Azhar University, The Islamic University, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza University, and PITA from Palestine, as well as UNICAL in Italy, FIS in Slovenia and HWTK in Germany.