The project (BIT-PAL) aims to adopt innovative orientation in teaching that enhance the thinking of the undergraduate students.

The target of BIT-PAL is to develop the curricula of IT programs in Palestinian academic sector for adopting new innovative teaching methodologies developed during the project. This will help IT students to become more reliable and productive, and will improve their ability for learning-to-learn. Consequently, IT students will be able to start their own businesses and open several opportunities for them in an early stage before the graduation and in their careers after graduation.


The specific objectives can be defined as the following:

  1. Defining the needs and priorities of local IT sector by assessing job-relevant skills and employment requirements.
  2. Building the capacity of the IT academic staff who will be able to design and use the new curricula developed in the project.
  3. Developing career-oriented curricula for computer engineering, computer science, and vocational training in IT specializations in terms of defined needs and priorities.
  4. Establishing a framework for a network of technical competencies in IT teaching methodologies and technologies based on the partnership between academic, professional, and official parties.
  5. Producing professional training resources, to enhance lifelong training in topics related to IT sector.