BITPAL Management Meeting

UCAS conducted the management meeting at IUG on 06 May 2017. The meeting aimed to put all attendee in the big picture of travel arrangement for the training mission, staff cost, money expenditure, Partnership agreements, and many other things. Dr. Hani Qusa, BITPAL coordinator pointed out BITPAL website publication and the travel road map for the training mission. He also dedicated to the financial management structure and staff costs reporting on tasks and travel achieved within the individual work packages. Dr.

NEO Conducted A Field Monitoring Visit To The Erasmus+ Funded Project BITPAL

On the 25th of April, 2017 NEO Director Dr. Nedal Jayousi Conducted the first field monitoring visit to the Erasmus+ Funded project “Boosting Innovation in Curricula Development of IT Programs in Palestine”, at University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) with the presence of UCAS rector, Prof. Rifat Rustom and the Project Coordinator Dr. Hani Qusa and all local partners. The visit mainly aimed at looking at the outputs and achievements of the operational objectives of the project to-date, and at drawing out the reality of the project environment regarding how it is being implemented.

BITPAL Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ CBHE project “Boosting Innovation in Curricula Development of IT Programs in Palestine (BITPAL), took place on 25-26 of February 2017 in Gaza, Palestine. University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), the coordinator of the BITPAL project, hosted this two-day event at the University Central building.

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